School visits, library talks, and writers’ workshops

Heidi offers the following programs and presentations to students, library patrons, writers, and fellow booklovers of all ages.

ABC’s of Poetry

Grades 2 and up. Writer-in-residence program.

One day a week for up to four weeks, students will craft a different type of poem. Week One focuses on the Apostrophe (the “talk to” poem), Week Two, the Mask poem (a term coined my Myra Cohn Livingston), Week Three, Shape and Concrete poems. Week four is a review and presentation of children’s writings. Working with the same groups of students is especially rewarding for students, as they get more exposure to various poetry forms and techniques.

Playful Poetry

Grades K -5

Children love to dream, imagine, and pretend. Why not nurture these natural tendencies and allow children to have fun as they learn? Heidi’s desire is to inspire and to infuse students with enthusiasm for writing and poetry. Her fun, interactive—and sometimes loud!—presentations for younger students include lively recitations, finger plays, and action rhymes. Older students will enjoy learning about various types of poetry and will find inspiration and ideas for creating their own stories and poems.

Once Upon a Time…

Grades 3-8

Where do ideas come from? How do writers become authors? How is a book made? Heidi candidly shares her amusing experiences as a rookie writer and tells student how she began her writing career. Topics in this visual presentation include brainstorming for ideas, writing, revision, rejections, selling a manuscript. Features artwork and samples in the step-by-step process of creating a book.

So You Want to Be a Writer?

Youth and Adults

The process of becoming an author requires patience, persistence, perspiration—and, yes, a bit of talent. Heidi will share her personal experiences and give an overview of both the creative side and business side of being a writer. She will offer insight, encouragement, and resources that will keep you excited about your goal of becoming published. Bring your questions!

So You Want to Be a Children’s Poet?


If you want to write and sell children’s poetry, this workshop is for you! Learn what steps are necessary to hone your skills and market your work as children’s poet. Students will receive a packet of sample poems, bibliography of popular children’s poetry books, and list of publishers that accept poetry submissions.

ABC’s of Children’s Poetry

Adults, four-day workshop

Beginner and intermediate poets will learn poetry terms, tips, techniques, meter, and voice. Many former students have published poems written as assignments for this class. 64-page workbooks included. Cassette tapes and e-mail correspondence available for long-distance students.

Critique Workshop

Adult Writers

Has your fiction hit a snag? Does your poetry fizzle instead of sizzle? Do your humorous essays need more oomph? A critique group can help! Joining a writer’s group is one of the best things a serious writer can do to stay motivated, keep focused, get feedback, and find encouragement. Writers will learn “critique etiquette,” the revision process, and how to find (or start) a local writers’ group. Workbook included.

For information about fees or to schedule a school visit, library talk, or writers’ workshops, please contact:

Heidi Bee Roemer